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in a presbytery of diversity

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I Can Do All Things

When I read the Bible, I often consider it to be the story of God's relationship with God's people, and I consider these people to be our ancestors in faith. Likewise, there are countless individuals whose lives reflect and inform our identity as...

A Part of Creation

I think some of the most beautiful and evocative passages in the Bible are contained in Romans 8. I remember a teacher suggesting that this passage points to the Fall, when not only humanity but all of Creation was broken, so we humans are not...

Loss of Innocence

One year ago, many of us woke up and got ready for church. A few of us heard at church that there had been a mass murder in Florida, at the Pulse nightclub. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history. The tragedy...

Our First Time

This last Saturday we tried something different for our Presbytery meeting-we held our first annual All-Presbytery Work Day. I say first annual because prior to the event, some of us were bracing ourselves for whatever would happen, as signups were...

Hands Held High

I have noticed that we are in an exciting season, as churches are making significant decisions that will impact their ministry into the future. As they consider new journeys into an unknown future, I am reminded of the Exodus. I lift up to you the...

As Boomers Age

Yesterday, Mideast Evangelical Church worshiped for the first time in their new home at 9723 Garibaldi Avenue in Temple City. They were welcomed by Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, who have been worshiping at this location for about 20 years....

On the Move

Are you keeping cool?! Yesterday I was quite worried about the weekend heat, because we do not yet have air conditioning in the sanctuary at the Presbytery Center on 9723 Garibaldi in Temple City. Worshiping with 200+ folks at 1:30 in the afternoon...

Prayer for Your SGP Staff

Every summer, your presbytery staff reflects on our work in the past year, and updates our objectives for the next year, until June 2018. I thought I would share a few top-line priorities, for your information and so you can pray for us as we seek...

Overcoming Adversity

Guest Author: Wendy Gist. If I had been asked to write this column a week ago, the Bible verses I selected for this week's column would not have been my chosen verses. I was far from a "Praise the Lord!" place. I was not thanking God. Instead I was...

Growing Younger

Guest Author: Jake Kim. How can churches grow younger? The book "Growing Young," written by the Fuller Youth Institute, looks at various strategies to help develop meaningful youth and young adult ministries. Their work is based on research from...

Retired Church Workers

Guest Author: Lauren Evans. I've been working as the presbytery's Chaplain to Retired Church Workers now for nearly half a year, and as I've begun to get to know a number of the Honorably Retired members of our community I've had the chance to...

Two Major Crisis

Hello everybody! Yes, I'm back, after taking some time off and helping to lead a seminar in Florida.  No need to go into detail on the last few weeks, but I enjoyed a little travel, some concerts, better sleep, too much food, and a wonderful...

When God Intervenes

    I know this is proof texting (digging around the Bible to find a quote to fit your purposes, even if it doesn't reflect the meaning of the Scripture), but I couldn't resist thinking about the attention put to this morning's solar eclipse....

Out of Chaos, Hope

It's been said that one can judge the quality of a society by the way they treat their children and the elderly. In the midst of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, the strength and the love of the people of Southeast Texas shone brightly,...